The roofing repairs Des Moines professionals do are of the highest quality in the state. These pros are often very busy, which isn’t surprising as Des Moines is after all the capital and the most populous city in Iowa.

Finding the best among these experts isn’t all that difficult either. In fact, we’ve already done the vetting and have identified the best roofing contractors in Des Moines for you. Whether you’re looking to fix your house’s roof or the roof in your commercial building, they can deal with the problems.

Des Moines Roof Repair and Replacement

Call our recommended roofer and they can give you a quote for the repairs of you describe the problem. But in general, a roofer will be sent to your home to check out the real problems with the roof, and a more accurate estimate of the costs of repairs can be given. It’s important that roof problems are fixed, because when they’re not handled properly the problems just get much worse over time—and so does the cost.

The problems can include blown off roofs and sometimes the roof may have shrunk. Other common problems include leaks, blistering, junctures, and ponding water on the roof. Regardless of what problem you have on your roof, they ought to be fixed now.

But in some cases, even a fix may not be the best solution. A roof may become so damaged that it makes a lot more sense to just replace the whole roof instead. This may seem more expensive, but in the long run you save money. It’s better than spending half the cost of a new roof on repairs that last only a year or so, when a new roof can last for several decades.

Residential and Commercial Roofing

Homeowners may be familiar with many roof problems, but the problems with roofs in commercial properties can be significantly different. The roofs in commercial buildings often have a low slope, and sometimes they’re just flat. This type of roof requires more frequent maintenance, and the damage often affects larger areas of the roof. A roofing expert must also take into account factors like external piping, smoke stacks, and air flow systems.

Just because you already have a trusted roofer who takes care of your home’s roof doesn’t mean that they also have the experience dealing with commercial roofing issues. That’s why we’ve made sure that the roofing companies in Des Moines we recommend are experienced in both residential and commercial roofing.

Costs of Roofing in Des Moines

Usually, the type of repairs needed to fix the roof will determine the cost of the repairs. If the fix involves affordable replacement materials and it only takes several hours, then the cost can be minimal. But the costs can increase when pricier materials are needed and the work requires a lot more time.

  • Minor repairs. This type of repair will cost you about $150 to $400.

  • Moderate repairs. As these tend to take up more time, it can cost anywhere from $400 to $1,000.

  • Major repairs. This means the damage to your roof is extensive and the replacement materials will be costly, too. Be ready to spend about $1,000 to $3,000.

If the repairs will cost more than $3,000 then a new roof should be considered instead.