In a major city like Houston, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that home construction services are in great demand. Next to the basic fixes that households require from time to time like electrical wiring and plumbing, roof repairs also prove to be a pesky need that arises every so often.

Luckily, there are quite a few good roofing contractors in Houston. If you’re in search of one that you can entrust your home to, we’ve already looked into some of the most reputable ones in the area.

Roof Repair and Roof Replacement in Houston

With more than 2 million residents, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the demand for roof repairs and replacement in Houston is pretty high. The fact that there are lots of homeowners in the area should already clue you in on the fact that a lot of people will need professional services to keep their homes in top shape.

Aside from this, the fact that Houston experiences inclement weather on a regular basis is also solid proof that roof maintenance companies receive a healthy amount of business in the area. The recent devastation of Hurricane Harvey can be a good example of what kind of weather the area experiences and it didn’t just damage roofs. With this said, milder weather reports can result in a need to call a reputable Austin roofing company.

What are the services offered by roofers in Austin? Most of them provide three general services. The first is roof installation which is often done during home construction. Those who are building their own houses might want to consider hiring roofers for this specific part so you can take advantage of their expertise when adding the said part of your home.

Repairs are the second kind of service offered. They can do minor to major fixes, depending on what you need and the experience they have in patching roofs together.

Last would be replacements as some homeowners might want to completely re-do their roofs when renovating or improving their property. Roofers in Houston can effectively replace roofs to make them more intact and structurally sound but they can also do take on projects for purely aesthetic reasons.

No matter what the case is, there’s a very good chance that reliable roofing companies in Houston will be able to help you out in your home maintenance efforts.

Residential Roofing and Commercial Roofer

Before you choose a Houston roofing company, however, it’s important to learn what their forte is. Some pride themselves as experts in commercial roofing in Houston while others are only experienced in residential roofing. Since these are two different types of buildings, you should choose according to your needs in order to ensure great results.

So if you need repairs for your home, look for a company that specializes in residential roofing in Houston. If your commercial property needs work, look for a roofer that has a lot of experience in commercial roofing.

Cost of Roofing in Houston

Another important thing that you might want to know about Houston roofing services is their cost. Like in other cities, rates and fees vary depending on the kind of work that needs to be done.

To give you a ballpark figure, however, some say that roof replacement in Houston can start at around $5800. Repairs can cost less, of course, since not all of them require as much work as a total roof replacement.

To determine exactly how much you need to spend on your roof maintenance, however, you can always just ask for a quote from the roofing contractors in Houston that we have listed here. They will be more than happy to entertain your inquiry if you give them a call.