Roofing Jacksonville

Roof damage can lead to a host of problems for you and your loved ones. Taking the DIY approach may get the job done, but it has more risks than you think. And if the issue isn’t fixed successfully then it can only worsen the problem, increasing the damage further instead of mitigating it. This is why it’s best to call upon the experts. This is where we come in – we can lead you to professional and highly experienced roofing companies in Jacksonville, FL.

Roof Repair and Roof Replacement in Jacksonville

In your search for roofing contractors, Jacksonville you won’t have a hard time finding service providers offering a plethora of services that can help address your roof problems – roof repairs, maintenance, and even brand new roof installation, waterproofing and many others are available. However, roofers aren’t created equal and some are better than others.

Whether you need roof restoration, repair or installation, it’s imperative that you hire a professional, honest and hardworking contractor. They will first need to assess the problem by inspecting it thoroughly, find out the root cause and recommend the best possible solutions. Once the assessment is done, they can then give you a report on the costs and timelines.

Residential Roofing and Commercial Roofing

One aspect that comes to play when hiring a Jacksonville roofing service is the type of roofing that you have. There are generally two types of roofs, and these are discussed below.

First, there’s commercial roofing. It uses asphalt rolls and other special materials that are laid out on a flat or semi-flat surface. Because of this design, it opens up a variety of possible functions. Having a solar panel installed on a flat rooftop is but one out of many possible features you can have with a commercial roof.

The second type is residential roofing. This roof often has a sloped orientation and is clad with shingles. This component allows for easier installation and replacement due to its modular design. These shingles use asphalt or slate for its materials, with special kinds made with metal or tile.

Before hiring a contractor, see to it that they have experience and in-depth knowledge of the kind of roof that needs to be repaired or installed.

Roofing Costs in Jacksonville

Knowing the costs is necessary before you start your roofing project. While the price fluctuates and changes depending on the structure, type of roof, and the extent of the damage, these estimates can help you in plotting for your budget.

Installing asphalt shingles could cost around $19.50 per square foot. Slate shingles can cost around $11.72 per square foot to install.

For roof inspection, each visit could cost anywhere from $140 to $400.

Now that you have the right roofing services within reach, we recommend that you interview at least 3 among the roofing companies in Jacksonville before making a decision.