Many homeowners and building owners are looking for roofing companies in New Orleans. Hurricanes and flooding have struck the city one too many times. In fact, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has deemed New Orleans as the most vulnerable to hurricanes in the entire United States. So if your home has been affected by these natural calamities, it’s imperative that you consult roofers New Orleans in order to have your roof checked for possible damages. And when it comes to roofing contractors in this city, we have vetted numerous service providers and have a list of all qualified, experienced, insured and licensed roofing companies in New Orleans.

New Orleans Roof Repairs and Replacement

Roof repair New Orleans is not an easy task that anyone can do on their own. We don’t recommend that you go the DIY route because it can be dangerous for you to repair your own roof. Moreover, you could end up making costly mistakes.

The roofing professional will first inspect your roof. This service often comes with a $100-$200 charge but it’s money well spent because you will be given a more accurate idea of the damages in your roof and they will also recommend sound solutions for you to consider. In some cases, when the damage is too severe, you will need to work with a roof replacement New Orleans company who can handle the job quickly and properly.

Once you’ve agreed on the costs and timetable, a professional contractor will draw a contract, explain the warranties, and other details.

Residential and Commercial Roofing New Orleans

Roofing repairs aren’t just limited to homes. Many business establishments also require roofing repairs and installations. Commercial roofing is different from residential because the former is usually made from heavy duty materials. It’s designed to protect a large number of people and a larger structure, unlike a typical home which only houses between 3-6 people on average.

Additionally, commercial roof installation is more complex as buildings often have a flat design whereas residential homes often have a steep sloping roof. If your commercial roof needs to be repaired, you should find a contractor who not only specialized in residential roofing New Orleans but commercial roofing as well.

Roofing Repair Costs New Orleans

The cost of repairs would depend on the kind of work that needs to be done. Statistically, you’d spend an average of $650 when you engage the services of the roofing company but it would really vary depending on the area that needs repair, the materials used, the amount of time needed to fix the problem, and others. You will be given an assessment and cost estimate before the work commences. We recommend that you consult with a few contractors so you can compare their prices.