Roofing companies in New Orleans are generally very busy. That’s not surprising with the city’s history with hurricanes. In fact, the Federal Emergency Management Agency regards New Orleans as most vulnerable city to hurricanes in the whole US. You don’t just have floods to worry about, but strong winds blowing off your roof and rain leaking into your home. It’s important that your roof is always in good shape.

It’s also crucial to consult roofers New Orleans residents can trust. That’s why we did our research and offer our recommended roofers. Call them right away if you have a roofing issue, because roof problems only get worse as time passes and your potential repair bill increases each day.

New Orleans Roof Repairs and Replacement

Contact the roof repair New Orleans experts we’ve vetted, so you can get a quote for how much the repairs will cost. In general the roof will be inspected first, to get a more accurate idea of the extent of the damage. The inspection may uncover more problems than you know about, and the proper repair solution can be agreed upon.

After the cost and solution has been agreed to between you and the roofer, you can then have a contract drawn to make sure that everyone is aware of the details of the agreement. The repairs can start right away so that your roof can be fixed quickly.

If the damage to your roof is too extreme, you may want to consult a roof replacement New Orleans company to discuss putting in a new roof instead. Your current roof may now be too old and worn down, and it doesn’t make sense to pay for frequent expensive repairs. A new roof may actually save you money in the end.

Residential and Commercial Roofing

Make sure that if you’re looking for roofer to handle your commercial roofing issues, you have an expert whose knowledge and experience isn’t limited to residential roofing New Orleans homes. Issues with commercial roofing are generally more serious, and the roofer should have experience dealing with external pipes, air flow systems, and smokestacks.

Costs of Repairs

On average, the cost of repairs for each time you call a roofer is about $650. The vast majority of cases have the total cost within the range of $300 to $1100. The cost of the repairs depend on how serious the damage is and what kind of repairs are needed.

  • If the repairs are just minor, then the bill should be within $150 to $400. The work won’t take too much time to complete.
  • For moderate repairs, the costs go up to a range of $400 to $1000. This type of repair takes longer and is generally more complicated. The prices of needed replacement parts must be factored in too.
  • If the damage is extreme, then major repairs will be needed. That will also require you to pay anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000. The work will take a lot of time and manpower, and the replacement material cost may be expensive as well.

You should consider getting a new roof if the repairs will cost you more than $3,000. Your roof may be too worn-out anyway. Instead of spending that much money and then requiring frequent new repairs in the near future, spending money on a new roof may be the wiser investment in the long run.