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Roof Repair and Replacement in Oklahoma City

When it comes to roofing Oklahoma City has experts that can get the job done quickly and properly. These vetted roofing companies provide a wide range of services that fit to your roofing needs.

Looking for roof repairs? Looking for roof replacements? You can find them all here.

These pros can even provide roof maintenance and cleaning services. To make sure that they provide you with the exact services to address your roof issues, they would first need to conduct a thorough inspection.

They will then give their assessment and recommendations, including the kind of services and materials needed to fix the issue, along with the fees and costs. With professional roofers, you don’t have to worry about hidden fees and unwanted surprises.

Comparing Residential Roofing and Commercial Roofing

When put in brief, there are stark differences between these two types of roofs. It boils down to the structure and the materials used to construct the roofs. Let us look at it closely for a better understanding.

The first ones that you encounter are residential roofs, common in suburbs and neighborhoods. These are often made of steep shingle roofs. Residential roofs provide a more modular style, ensuring easy installation and replacement. The shingles usually come in asphalt or metal but you can also find shings made of slate or tile.

The other variant would be commercial roofs. These roofs use asphalt rolls, rubber, or other special materials that lie flat instead of taking sloping angles. Due to how it lays flat, commercial roofs offer the opportunity for it to have other functionalities that could benefit the building.

Roofing Costs in Oklahoma City

The extent of the damage has the biggest impact on the cost of roof repairs. The following estimates can give you an idea of the costs, although you need to understand that a lot of factors come into play when it comes to roofing repair or replacement costs.

Let’s start with roof replacement Oklahoma City. Asphalt shingle installations can go as high as $194.39 per 100 square feet. Meanwhile, slate shingle installations are priced around $1128.68 per 100 square feet. If you are interested in flat roof installations, those run at $159.68 per 100 square feet.

Expect to spend around $161.99 to $277.70 per roof inspection call. Other services like roof cleaning may cost anywhere from $313.35 and $408.22.

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