How old is your roof? While typical roofs can last anywhere from 15-25 years, there are factors that could affect its durability. In any case, if you live in Tampa, you’re probably aware of the fact that rainstorms can come even in the summer and if you want to keep your loved ones dry and warm at night, you best make sure your roof is in tip-top shape. We can provide you with our own recommendations of the best roofing companies in Tampa so you don’t have to spend hours finding the right contractor to cater to your needs.

Tampa Roofing Repairs and Replacement

We vet numerous roofing companies to save you time and money. We only recommend contractors with high BBB ratings and we’ve also checked that they are licensed and insured, and offer extensive warranties for your own security and peace of mind.

The roofing Tampa Florida contractors in our list can cater to the following:

  • Residential (Single Family and Multi-Family)
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Professional Office Parks

They are able to do:

  • Roof replacement in Tampa
  • Shingle, Tile and Metal
  • New Construction
  • Roof Repairs and Maintenance
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Waterproofing for Walkable Flat Deck
  • Roof Inspections

Tampa Residential and Commercial Roofing

A lot of people think that all roofs are the same but when it comes to residential vs. commercial roofing, you need to understand that there are key differences between them. Let’s start with the design. Generally speaking, commercial roofs are bigger than a typical residential roof. They’re also flat or slightly sloped. The materials used in commercial roofs also differ from that of a home, and such systems are often sprayed polyurethane foam, single-ply, restoration coatings, modified bitumen and many others. So if you are looking for a commercial roofing contractor make sure to choose one that has experience with commercial roofing installations and solutions.

Costs of Roofing Repairs and Replacement Tampa


The average homeowner in the United States spends about $7,000 to install a new roof, but it could be lower or higher depending on where you live. In Tampa, FL it could range from $5,973 to $7,607. The average cost of materials is $4.00 to $6.00 per square foot, and you also need to take into consideration labor and equipment costs. Of course, the cost to fix or repair your roof will be significantly lower. They may charge anywhere from $100 to $300 to inspect your roof, but this is money well spent as their findings and recommendations will be very helpful in making decisions. We recommend getting quotes from 3-4 contractors so that you are able to get a more accurate price range for the service you require.

A roof not only maintains your investment (home) but also provides shelter for your loved ones. Paying a significant amount of money may cause you to balk at the idea but if you think about it, it could be one of the smartest decisions you’ll ever make.