Looking for help with fixing your roof? You can find roofing companies in Tulsa that can get the job done right. With our list of vetted companies, we can direct you to the best professional roofers in your area today.

Roof Repair and Replacement Services in Tulsa

Our vetted roofing companies in Tulsa have a range of skills to cater to any roofing needs. Among their offered services include roof repair and maintenance. Cleaning, as well as installation of new roofs and specialized roofs such as green roofs are available as well. For roofs that have suffered a lot of damage, roof replacement Tulsa is also available.

To ensure they provide the best service, the roofer would first need to inspect the structure. This allows them to find the issues that plague your roof and find solutions to address them. They would note these details, such as materials and services in a quote. With this, you know what you are getting and how much the whole project will cost.

How Much Is Roofing in Tulsa?

Depending on the roof damage, the prices vary. The roofing company can provide you with an estimate and here’s a rough guideline on costs:

For inspection, you can expect to pay between $154.70 and $265.20. For roof cleaning, it runs between $299.25 and $389.84.

For roof replacements, the shingle becomes a variable to the price estimate. Asphalt shingle can go to as much as $199.07 per 100 square feet. Slate shingle installations push it further at around $1116.05 per 100 square feet. As for metal roof installations, those run at $760.35 per 100 square feet.

Residential Roofing and Commercial Roofing Tulsa

With each building having different appearances depending on the architecture and design, you also have different kinds of roofing. There are two major types that you would encounter. Let us look at what each of these would provide.

Residential roofing is perhaps the most common type of roof you can see. The steep slopes focus on providing shelter and protection from the rain and other weather conditions. These types take the form of shingle roofs. What makes them perfect for homes is in how it is easy to install and replace. The materials used shingle roofs include asphalt, slate, metal, and tile.

Commercial roofing tends to be the type that you see in tall buildings and apartment complexes. These industrial structures have a characteristic of serving multiple functions. Due to its flat design, you can open it for use with other facilities like solar panels or gardens. Commercial roofing uses asphalt rolls, rubber, or other special materials for its materials.

Now that you have a glimpse of the different roofing types, you have a better picture of what needs fixing. If you need assistance with roof repairs, check out our recommended roofing companies in Tulsa to get started.